Being wealthy can be fun and excitement only when you are able to spend peaceful nights of sleep. You must be sure that your property is well protected from thieves, burglars and other such miscreants. If your home is built in a remote area, you must be sure that it is properly protected from wild animals and other such dangers. Towards this objective having a suitable surveillance and monitoring regimen in place is of extreme importance. However, choosing the right devices and apparatuses is not an easy job and there are quite a few important facts which must be kept in mind. Especially when it comes to luxury home security cameras and other such devices, choosing the right one would have to be done carefully after evaluating various pros and cons.


The Devices Should Be Versatile

When it comes to hiring or buying cameras for luxury homes one of the biggest attributes to be kept in mind is their ability to be versatile and unique as far as their functionalities are concerned. They should be able to have stealth and secrecy inbuilt into them because today’s robbers, burglars and even criminals are also intelligent and they use the most advanced technologies to breakthrough what could be considered as impregnable security devices. When it comes to cameras for super rich and super luxury apartments and homes, one needs to take into account the inside and outside of the properties. While many of us might be spending quite a bit of time, money and effort on the outside of the homes, we often tend to neglect the insides. Today, danger could be lurking inside the homes and regular visitors and even relatives could be having an eye on the various valuables in the home. They also could harbor dangerous thoughts about the inmates of the homes in more ways than one.


Hidden Security Cameras

When you are planning to secure and monitor the insides of your homes you must be sure that the cameras must be hidden or else the very purpose of having them could get defeated. As mentioned earlier, stealth is perhaps more important indoors rather than outdoors. There are many homes where the cameras are hidden inside wrist watches, wall clocks, flower vases and other such simple and innocuous looking household appliances. You must make it as difficult as possible for the intruders and they should be surprised at the way they find themselves monitored every inch inside these luxury apartments.


Placement Of Cameras

There also is the need to properly place the cameras so that the entire outdoors as well as indoors of the homes are covered at all points of time. There also could be the need to opt for infrared cameras for capturing movements and happenings during the night when normal light or even artificial lights may be difficult to come by. Further there also would be the need to have cameras with thermal imaging capabilities. These are extremely useful for monitoring movement of objects which are warmer than the outside environment. This could be extremely useful in tracking the movement of suspicious characters and even animals and wild beasts.


Research And Then Decide

Since there are number of options available in the market today, choosing the right security devices calls for understanding specific needs and requirements and then working on it. It also calls for spending some time researching and gathering enough knowledge and experience. It is a process which should not be done in a hurry and enough time should be spent on it. There are enough resources available on the internet which certainly could help in understanding the finer points of security cameras and other monitoring and surveillance devices for luxury homes.

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There is no denying the fact that pictures speak a thousand words. Hence, when it comes to securing homes, monitoring them and protecting them from thieves, robbers and other such dangers, using infrared technology is becoming very important. They are also referred to as thermal camera systems and over the past few decades their popularity has increased by quite a few hundred times. It would therefore be interesting to know more about their functions and features so that one can choose the right camera monitoring solutions, keeping in mind specific needs and requirements.


How Does This Technology Work

One of the greatest advantages of this form of technology is that it helps to visualize and find out more about the movement of a person, animal and other such things using heat reflectors. The thermal cameras are designed in such a manner that whenever there is a movement of heat, the same is captured by these infrared technology-enabled cameras. This helps to track the movement of the object and take the required preventive action.


They Are Good At Predictive Maintenance

One of the biggest advantages of infrared and thermal imaging is that it could help a lot in preventive and predictive maintenance. Hence when there is a need to secure an enclosed area from wild animals, domestic animals and also human beings. Therefore whenever there is a need for regular preventive maintenance, usually in areas infested with animals and other sources of danger, there is no doubt that this technology could come in very handy and useful.


It Can Be Customized

Another big reason why it makes sense to choose this camera is because it can be easily customized to cater to specific needs and requirements. Along with the right software solution one can come out with solutions which are perfectly tailored and customized as per individual needs. They are extremely flexible and this is what sets them apart from other such cameras used for monitoring and surveillance purposes.


A Few Other Advantages & Benefits

Apart from the above there are a number of other benefits which also go a long way in making them special when compared to conventional cameras. They are extremely useful when you are protecting homes from wild animals and other such intrusions. They can pick up even the slightest changes in temperatures around your home and send back signals alerting you. If you have a home with pets, cattle and livestock, it is imperative that you should go in for such solutions.

Further they combine the functions of conventional and advanced cameras. In other words, apart from being able to track movements based on temperature and body heat, they also can offer you continued and round the clock imaging services which will help you to monitor the area around your home.


Cost Could Be A Factor

However, one has to take into account the cost factor when buying these thermal cameras. They are much more expensive when compared to conventional cameras. Therefore you must make up your mind whether they will be cost effective and will serve the purpose for which they are hired. For example, if you are monitoring the insides of your home or your room where valuables are concerned, using a thermal camera alone may not serve the purpose. You must try and come out with a combination of other devices so that you are able to get a complete and foolproof security and monitoring cover around your home or workplace.

At the end of the day there are a number of important factors which must be kept in mind when you are planning to buy a camera.

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Baby Monitors

For decades various forms of monitoring devices have been used in homes, offices, and other such places. The main purpose of these devices is to receive and transmit signals from one location to another. They help a lot in keeping a watch on what is happening in one place though the person receiving such information could be located quite a bit distance away. It is essentially very useful for monitoring babies, pets and even keeping a close watch on what is happening around the home at all points of time. We will over the next few lines try and find out something more about the various features and benefits associated with baby monitors.


Types Of Monitors

When we talk about monitors, we usually refer to wifi monitor, digital audio monitor, video monitor and analog audio monitor. While the audio monitors help in keeping a track of noises which the baby makes, in case of video monitor it will be possible to have a look at what is actually happening with the room and the areas surrounding it. It is suitable for those who keep their babies in their room while the parents could either spending time in another room or could be in their workplaces.


Advantages Of Monitors For Babies

There are numerous benefits as far as these monitors for babies are concerned. It would depend on the technology and the specific needs and requirements of the customers. For example, there are monitors which have the capability of monitoring movement of the babies and also keep a track of the temperatures. This helps the parents to live updates as to how comfortable or uncomfortable the baby is. On the other hand there could be monitors which could be useful in helping give monitoring facilities during the night. They come with thermo imaging capabilities and therefore can provide real time and foolproof protection to babies at all points of time.


Analog Or Digital

Both analog and digital baby monitoring devices come with their own advantages and benefits. The good thing about analog cameras is that they can pick up signals emanating from other sources and they are cost effective. Therefore when one is looking to buy a monitoring device which is cost effective but without sophisticated and advanced features, going in for analog variants could be a much better option.

Digital cameras on the other hand are advanced and they are known to provide a much better sound quality when compared to analog cameras. There will be much lesser interference of sound waves and therefore as parents you will be able to find out what exactly is happening in the baby’s room in your absence. However, in terms of cost they are much higher.


Video And Audio

Apart from the above, one can choose between audio and video monitors. As the term itself suggests, video monitors help to capture images and transmit the same to the place where they are required. They are a better choice when there is a need to monitor the physical movements of the baby. However, in terms of cost there is no denying the fact that video monitors are extremely expensive. Additionally the cost of maintaining them, servicing them and changing spare parts are also important factors which must be taken into account when buying these devices.

There are other factors like temperature sensors, talk back facility, sensor pads and other such features which could also add value to the baby monitor that you are planning for your child. It would all depend on the kind of safety and monitoring ring which you would like to place around your baby. A bit of researching and then deciding can certainly help in more ways than one.

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Vacation Property Surveillance Systems

The unique thing about vacation homes and properties is that it could remain unoccupied for a significantly long period of time. Hence it is important to protect the property and keep it in good shape at all points of time. While there could be security guards and property maintenance specialists doing their job, there also are the need to use the right technology for protecting the home from miscreants, vandals, robbers, burglars and thieves. Hence you must identify the right technological devices and apparatuses which are needed to keep the vacation property safe and secure at all points of time. There have been many instances where the property has been broken in and furniture and other belongings worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars have been burgled. It would be impossible for a couple of security guards to take care of the entire home, especially if it is quite big in size. So, it is a must that you must use the right kind of technology to secure your valuable vacation property. Here are a few reasons why it makes sense to choose the right vacation property surveillance systems.


They Help In Providing Foolproof Security

One of the biggest reasons why it makes sense to go in for surveillance systems is that it can provide total, complete and holistic security cover taking into account specific needs and requirements. Further since these security apparatuses and devices are dependent on technology, they can be monitored from a distance. In other words, as homeowners we can sit some hundreds of miles away and yet monitor in a live environment as to what is happening in these vacation properties. Additionally a few more simple tricks could also play a big role in keeping burglars and robbers at bay. Here are a few such tricks which have been proven and time tested.


Advantage Of A Live-in Façade

It is a known fact that burglars and robbers always target only those properties which are closed and unoccupied for a long period of time. Hence, it would not be a bad idea for you to ensure that simple things like regular cleaning of mail box, maintaining the backyard and garden in good condition and using of timed lights could go a long way in creating an impression that the place is inhabited and not lying vacant. This is perhaps the simplest and most cost effective property surveillance systems or device that one could think of.


Importance Of Remote Video Monitoring

The next important thing is to understand the importance of remote video monitoring. Today there are IP cameras and other such devices which can be hooked onto to your laptop, desktops or even mobile phones. Hence, sitting some hundreds of perhaps even thousands of miles away it would be possible to keep a track as to what is happening to your property. Any suspicious movements can immediately be reported to the local police station. In fact technology has now enabled the police station to also remotely monitor such homes and properties should the need so arise.


Choose The Right Tenants

If you are giving the property on rent it is important for you to have a clear knowledge about the kind of people to whom you are renting the apartment. You must check their background and credential properly and only then should the vacation property be given on rent. You must take steps to ensure that all valuable inside your property are properly secured and if needed, you must use discreet indoor cameras with the knowledge of the tenants. They should be informed about the fact that they are under surveillance but they should not know where the cameras are located.

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Weather Proof Home Security

When planning to secure your outdoors there are quite a few things which must be taken into account. Having the right fencing, locking system is important. Having pet dogs could also be a big detriment against robbers, burglars and others who are out there to make some mischief. However, given the fact that many of us keep our homes unoccupied for large parts of the day, it is important to have in place the right security, surveillance and monitoring systems. Towards this objective choosing a suitable weatherproof home security camera is of paramount importance. However, given the fact that there are dozens of such options available, choosing the right home security system could be a confusing and challenging task. So, here are a few bits of information which could be useful in choosing the right security cameras which are suitable for outdoor use.


Where Is To Be Installed

The first and foremost task is to identify the right area where these home security outdoor cameras will be installed. They should have a reasonably large and clear field of vision so that they are able to capture the happenings which are taking place around a big area. Ideally they should be located at a reasonable height and away from the prying eyes of robbers, thieves and other such antisocial elements. At times, many customers find it better to have these cameras installed in the open so that they are visible to the miscreants. Many of them also send out loud and clear written messages stating that the area is under camera and other forms of surveillance. This often acts as a deterrent to those who are planning to carry out such attacks of robbery and burglary.


Are They Weather Proof

One of the main attributes of quality weatherproof home security cameras is their ability to withstand the vagaries of the weather. Since they will be kept outside in the open, they will be exposed to regular heat, sunlight, water and wind. Hence there is a chance of the cameras and the outside materials become rusted and damaged. Therefore you must look for cameras which can be encompassed in an all weather proof covered container without disturbing the efficiency and efficacy of the cameras.


Choose The Ones With Night Vision

The next important aspect is to always look for cameras which come with night vision. In other words they must have the capability of capturing images in the dark. Further it also would be advisable to go in for cameras which have infrared features. This helps to track movements based on heat that is emitted from the object, whether it is living or non-living objects. This helps a lot in tracking down animals, human beings and other objects who might be trying to sneak their way through under cover of darkness.


Where To Buy Them

You have a number of options when it comes to buying these home security cameras and other such devices. Generally the brick and mortar stores are considered to be the best option. However, over the past few decades the internet also has become one of the most sought after modes of buying a number of things including different types of cameras used for indoor and outdoor purposes. Hence it makes sense to buy them online because they are available at very competitive rates and the there are many types and varieties that one could think of. However, before buying them online, you should research and have the right model and make clearly in mind. Otherwise you could end up buying the wrong camera and the purpose for which it is being bought could well be defeated.

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In today’s world where crime rates are increasing there is no doubt that going in for suitable safety, security and surveillance devices is no  longer a choice but is becoming a necessity. Even a few decades back, security cameras and other such devices were considered to be something that was reserved for the rich and the powerful. However, this concept has now changed drastically and there are many reasons for this. First and foremost the instances of terror and other criminal activities have increased quite rapidly over the past few years. Rising levels of poverty, inequality is driving more numbers of people into criminal activities.

Further as far as homes are concerned, it is now becoming quite common both for housewives and husbands to earn bread for the family. This leads to homes being unoccupied and left empty for long period of time. This without any doubt is the perfect breeding ground for theft, robbery, burglary and other such activities. If there are elderly people or women living in the home alone they become target for various antisocial activities. Hence, there is an increasing need for various surveillance and security systems. This perhaps explains the growing numbers of people opting for devices like 4K security cameras and various other such apparatuses. We will try and learn more about it over the next few lines and how they are becoming an integral part of our daily lives.


How They Could Make A Difference

There is no doubt that burglars and robbers try to make hay while the sun is not shining. In other words, they prefer to work under the cover of darkness. Therefore it is important to find out ways and means by which homes, offices and other such properties are protected from these miscreants both during the day and the night. While there could be many devices which could work well during the night time, when it comes to night surveillance there is a need to be careful and then choose the required apparatuses keeping in mind the exact needs and requirements. It is here that apparatuses and devices like 4K cameras could fit the bill. These and other such devices come with a number of important features and functions and once you know the advantages and benefits associated with it, you will not be able to run your home or office without them.


What They Offer

Though there could be many monitoring and surveillance devices, there is hardly any doubt that cameras have their unique and important role to play. They form perhaps the first and last layer of security and no foolproof security and surveillance system is possible without these devices. They are capable of capturing images during the night because of their night vision capabilities. Further there are cameras which come with thermal capabilities. They are best suited to capture suspicious movements and this is done by seeking heat and then capturing images of the same.


Which One To Choose

Given the various options available in the market today, it is quite possible that you could be confused as to which option to choose. This would call for understanding your exact needs and requirements and then taking a call. Involving an expert consultant would certainly be helpful because they will be able to come out with customized as well as readymade monitoring and surveillance solutions.

The internet is the best place where you could get the required information and knowledge about the various types of cameras which are available in the market. You will also be able to come across many reviews from customers and end users which will also be helpful in more ways than one.

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When you are deciding to install security cameras for your homes, offices, factories, and other such places, you certainly have a big task in hand. It is not easy and there are quite a few things which must be kept in mind. The biggest challenge is perhaps the lack of idea and information for most of us. Not many of us would be aware of the technical matters to be considered when it comes to installing a security camera. They come in various sizes and shapes and they also different capabilities and functions. Hence you certainly must spend some time understanding some basic technical features before buying them. You could come across terms like 4 megapixel security cameras, hybrid cameras, analog cameras, digital cameras and much more. Additionally you also could come across terms like bullet cameras, hidden cameras, infrared cameras, thermostatic cameras, IP cameras and much more. Therefore unless you have some basic ideas about these different types of cameras, it may not be advisable to jump into a buying decision. If needed you could take the help and assistance of professionals who perhaps will be able to guide you much better when compared to others. Here are a few more points to be taken into account when you are getting down to serious business of identifying the right security cameras.


What Is Your Requirement

Before going in for security cameras you must be sure about the requirements which you have in mind. For example, if you wish to have a camera for monitoring the indoors of your home, you perhaps could settle for a basic black and white model which ensure crisp pictures whenever needed. On the other hand if you are on the lookout for cameras with color picture taking capabilities you will be buying something which perhaps offers a few other benefits too. It could for example be coming with night vision, infrared and thermal imaging capabilities. All these would depend on the kind of requirement you have in mind.


Analog Cameras

Analog cameras are supposed to be basic versions of video cameras and they have been in use for quite a few decades now. The images are carried over to the output devices through cables. In today’s world where wireless technology is become quite common and beneficial, it may not be liked by many. However in terms of reliability and long term durability there hardly is any doubt that analog cameras are the obvious choice.


IP Cameras

IP cameras are perhaps one of the most advanced types of cameras. They are network based. In other words instead of the data and images being transferred to a DVD it is moved over networks and it could be transferred to other computers, laptops or even mobile phones. This certainly is a quantum jump in technology. It helps in making the job of monitoring that much simpler and easier and real time information can always be made available. However, before going in for IP cameras it is important the check the VMS or the video management software. If the same is not compatible, you must ensure that it is made compatible. It is possible for images to get displayed via IP addresses using hybrid as well as NVR cameras and recorders.



At the end of the day there is hardly any doubt that choosing the right surveillance and monitoring cameras can be best done if you have the required information and knowledge. It calls for having the right access to websites, blogs, community sites, printed materials and other such things. This will help you to understand the technology to some extent and use the same for choosing a suitable camera and monitoring device.

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We are constantly bringing in new products to check out, evaluate technically, and potentially add to our already large inventory of more than 600 products we offer customers.

That means the lab is busy, but it also means that our clients have the largest selection possible to choose from when buying security cameras, surveillance DVRs or NVRs, complete CCTV packages, access control equipment, and accessories.

Plus, it’s fun playing with cool new technology!

What’s new this month?

We’ve got a variety of new Geovision products, including a few switches and cameras. We also have two new standalone DVRs, a fresh infrared bullet camera, and a outdoor dome cam from Veilux.



GeoVision PoE SwitchGV-POE0801 is an 8 port PoE networking switch from GeoVision capable of offering up to 30 watts of power per port, with a 130 watt max per system. You can manage Port State, Flow Control, Mirroring, and much more using the included management features. We are also carrying the 16 port version, the GV-POE1601, if you need to connect more devices.


With a total of 5 new GeoVision IP security cameras in stock (and many, many more that we already carry), you can probably tell that we are fans of Geo products.

This month, we’re introducing three new dome cameras, one box camera, and one bullet camera.

GV-BX1500-3V is a low LUX, 1.3 megapixel IP box camera with a 2.8-12mm varifocal lens, two way audio support, PoE support, and much more.

Then there is GV-BL1500, which also carries a 1.3MP resolution. It has 16 infrared LEDs for night video (wish a 230′ illumination range!), a 3-9mm varifocal lens, and is vandal resistant. Check it out!

GeoVision IP Dome CameraAs far as dome cameras go, we’ve got 3 versions of the GV-MFD series dome IP camera. The GV-MFD1501-1F, GV-MFD2401-1F, and GV-MFD3401-1F. The differences between the three are the sensor chip, which allows for different resolutions and light sensitivities. They are 1.3MP, 2MP, and 3MP, respectively.

Take a look at those on our website, along with others, by viewing the GeoVision IP Camera category.


We’ve recently started carrying Veilux cameras, and we like their build and performance. The VV-70IR36V Outdoor Day/Nigh Dome Camera is the latest addition, with 36 infrared LEDs, tri-axis rotation, and a 3 year warranty. Definitely worth a look.


Outdoor Bullet Camera

More additions to the online catalog include the AP-F04 and AP-F08, both of which are standalone security DVRs with 4 and 8 channels, respectively. They are iPhone and Android compatible and feature 1280×1024 display resolution, audio, dynamic IP support, and more.
And last but not least, we have a new analog night vision bullet camera in stock. The AP-602 is a 600 TVL camera for indoor or outdoor use with a 60′ IR illumination range and starts at just $75.

You can search for any of these products, and many more, using the search bar at the top of the page, the menu, or the links provided. Let us know if you need anything!

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Retail shrink is a serious problem both here in the United States and globally. Because we work with a lot of retailers to secure and monitor their inventory and working spaces, we thought we would take a look at the worldwide numbers.

According to the 2012-2013 Global Retail Theft Barometer, shrinkage cost the world $112,000,000,000 in 2012. Yes, that is nine zeros.

What is Retail Shrink?

Retail shrink is theft, whether it be through shoplifting, organized crime, employee theft, or supplier fraud, from retail stores such as big box clothing stores, shops in the mall, etc. It occurs in all markets and is committed by all classes of citizens.

The Global Picture

The following data is based on 160,000 stores in 16 countries. These stores account for $1.5 Trillion dollars in sales during 2012. Keep in mind that the following shrink rates are percentages of that country’s retail sales.

2012 Global Retail Shrink

Highest retail shrink rates

Mexico and Brazil came out on top with the largest percentage of retail shrink, 1.6%. China and the United States were a close second, at 1.5%.


Australia took home the award for lowest retail shrink rate, losing only 1%. Japan did well also, at 1.1%.

What do these thieves typically steal?

Items stolen vary between different demographics, but in general thieves go after small, higher value items that are easily concealable. That includes jewelry and accessories, clothing, electronics such as iPhones and iPads, and healthcare products such as over-the counter medicine and baby formula.

How Do Retailers Combat Shrink?

Deterrence is the name of the game in most cases. Large business surveillance systems, ID tags on individual products, and security guards all play a big roll in deterring criminals from performing these acts. Big box retailers typically have trained LP (loss prevention) personnel on-property that watch security camera feeds for malicious behavior and neutralize suspicious activity.

When deterrence doesn’t work, which is often the case, stores turn to the police and rely on security camera footage to identify and help track thieves. Many times, the camera footage is sub-par or the equipment wasn’t actually working properly and is of no use. That is why it is important to have a high quality CCTV system that is maintained properly. The cost is typically much lower in the end.

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When you buy an infrared security camera to watch your home or business during the day and at night, you need it to work as expected. Lets take a look at some of the factors that affect performance and a few of the troubleshooting techniques you can try if your camera is performing poorly or not at all.

The Right Camera for the Right Job

Before going into troubleshooting, we have to make sure that you’re using the right camera for your application. Many times, we find the cameras already installed simply do not have the capabilities of providing quality night performance.

Buying a camera with the right lens, proper resolution, and enough infrared power to illuminate the area being covered, in pure darkness, should be your number one concern. Buying a cheap night vision CCTV camera that is just good enough may leave you disappointed, or worse.

The lens

Take a look at our security camera lens guide to make sure you choose a suitable lens, or camera with a suitable built in lens, to cover the area you are trying to. Take into consideration both the minimum and maximum length and width of space you will be recording.

Infrared illumination distance

After you have selected the proper lens and have a good feel for the area the camera will be focused on, the next important specification is the infrared illumination range. Each camera should have a specification for this, telling you approximately how far its infrared LEDs will illuminate the darkness.

Please note that your final choice in camera should be something that illuminates more than the required distance. As mentioned before, good enough typically leads to disappointment.

For example, our extremely popular and affordable AP-LIRDBP has an illumination range of 40 feet, which makes it great for indoor rooms, walkways, and similar locations. It wouldn’t be a smart buy, however, for a warehouse or other application where it was expected to cover longer distances well.

If you’re looking for long range, say something that can cover up to 250 feet, you would want to consider something like our AP-6200FV. This camera also has a 5-50mm lens, giving you a little more control over the field of view, depending on how wide you want the coverage to be at what distance.


None of the above will matter if you don’t have a camera with sufficient video quality. You have to be able to make out a face and physical features on the video, otherwise it’s worthless.

Analog VS Digital Security camera resolution

If your system is analog, make sure that the number of TV Lines (TVL) on the camera make sense for the application. Lower resolution, such as 480TVL, may be ok for short-range indoor applications, but for cameras covering larger areas where you might need higher resolution to make out faces, etc, look for at least 600TVL and test it. If it’s not good enough, send it back and get something better. We’re talking about your safety and belongings.

For IP security systems, you can crank up the resolution quite a bit for an impressive video that will give you the absolute best chance at catching that
criminal, night or day. For instance, our Veilux VBIP-5V can illuminate out to 130 feet and has a resolution of 5 megapixels. That’s huge!

Is My IR Camera Defective?

If your camera(s) pass the above prerequisites, it is possible that something is wrong with them. Lets run through a few common issues.

Fuzzy and/or unfocused video

This sounds like the lens may need to be re-focused. To fix it, locate the focus ring or knob on the camera and adjust it until the video is sharper. If the camera does not have a focusable lens, then the lens may need to be replaced/fixed. Contact your provider or the manufacturer for further assistance.

Grainy CCTV video

Infrared video is often visibly lower quality than daytime video. As such, a small amount of grain is normal. If it is excessive, however, read below.

Depending on the type of grain, your camera’s sensor may be bad, you may be getting power interference, you could have a poorly terminated cable, or your DVR may be malfunctioning.

Make sure that none of your video cables are running alongside power cables. If they are, build a “bridge” or gap between the two so that they are not close together, and try to cross them at 90 degrees if one passes the other somewhere along the line.

If that doesn’t help, make sure that all the connections are secure at the camera and DVR. If all the cameras except for one are working properly, try running a new cable directly from the DVR to the camera giving you problems. If that doesn’t fix it, attempt to connect the same camera to another input of the DVR. If that fixes it, something is wrong with that input of the DVR (or potentially the dongle, if you are using one). Contact your provider or the manufacturer to get that taken care of.

Can’t see well at night

The camera’s quality can have a lot to do with advertised versus actual infrared illumination range. If your camera is not illuminating the area it was advertised as being able to, and you have confirmed that the IR LEDs are on at night, I would contact your provider, or the manufacturer. Whether the LEDs are working or it’s just a cheaply made camera, you don’t need to waste any more time troubleshooting it. Ask your provider for a higher quality alternative, or check out our store.

An alternative would be to add an additional standalone infrared illuminator to the camera. These units are built exclusively to provide illumination for security cameras at night, and are quite popular for upgrading old box cameras to be infrared.

Are you having other issues?

If you are experiencing other issues with your infrared camera, please let us know and we’ll see if we can troubleshoot it for you.

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